I demolish. I construct.

Patterns of light & dark, shape & form, colour & contrast intrigue me through feelings and thought. 

I explore these visual components with paint and sponges as I work to tell a story that is unfolding without awareness of beginning or end.  Looking past the obvious to search out the beauty, delicacy, darkness and strength in form and texture to convey a sense of place and atmosphere, I search for a connection and attempt to create an environment of order within the boundaries of the canvas. 

As literature is expressed with written vocabulary, my art is expressed with a visual vocabulary. As my visual vocabulary flows I create more imagined subjects and scenes. My quest is to translate feelings and, by encouraging feelings in others, facilitate adventures through the tension of the extraordinary and everyday to discover the beauty in unfamiliar places.

I intend my creations to look as though they could have lived or grown somewhere. 

Expect some surprises.

IMAGE COURTESY SIMON DACK https://www.simondack.co.uk